On Our Own of Carroll County

WRAP® classes and ongoing peer support groups are offered at no charge here at On Our Own of Carroll County.

On Our Own of Carroll County is a Peer Support Wellness & Recovery Center that promotes Recovery Empowerment, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Awareness. 

As a member at On Our Own of Carroll County, we would love to hear your input on our managers, services offered, and anything else that goes on here at the center. Your opinion matters! Go to our Facebook page to leave a review!

Our center offers a variety of weekly support groups, dinners, and other activities.

“Remember, recovery is a journey and although it is your own personal journey, it is one that our volunteer managers and members all understand. Instead of struggling through this period of time alone, you can embrace the support of all the others who are going through the same things themselves.” - Laurie Galloway

WRAP Classes


Sunday   1:00 PM -    4:00 PM

Monday 1:00 PM -    4:00 PM

Tuesday 9:00 AM -    1:00 PM

Wed.        1:00 PM -    7:00 PM  

Thurs.      9:00 AM -   1:00 AM

Friday      1:00 PM -    4:00 PM

Saturday9:00 AM  -    1:00 PM 

Weekly Groups

Anyone is welcome to come to our center! We offer numerous services that are open to all Carroll County residents! Contact us for more information!

Peer support  wellness & recovery center



Peer Support