On Our Own of Carroll County is a nonprofit 501 3 © organization. We first opened ours doors to the community in November of 2001. Today, we have over 300 unduplicated signatures! We are a consumer ran peer support wellness and recovery center, where we believe that recovery is possible! Most of the people you will encounter here at OOOCC are either working on or are currently in recovery. One of our goals here is to provide a safe environment for individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders to come and work on their recovery. Remember, recovery is a journey and although it is your own personal journey, it is one that our volunteer managers and members all understand. Instead of struggling through this period of time alone, you can embrace the support of all the others who are going through the same things themselves. 



On Our Own of Carroll County

Peer support  wellness & recovery center


Our staff consists of one full time Executive Director, a ten-hour a week Executive’s Assistant, as well as 10 Volunteer Managers. Each and every Volunteer Manager is a very dedicated individual with his or her own lived experiences.

​​​​Olivia Norris.

Executive's Assistant


On Our Own of Carroll County’s mission is to provide peer support to a diversify group of individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders through lived experiences. Enrich lives by promoting wellness and show that recovery is possible. Promote equality by reducing stigma through education as well as encourage empowerment by providing advocacy to individuals so they can take charge of their own lives.


Laurie Galloway.

Executive Director